CiviCon Cologne and the Eifel sprint

Michael McAndrew
17th August 2017
Björn and Marco at the CiviCon Cologne sprint

Last month I went to CiviCon Cologne and the sprint that followed in the nearby Eifel mountain range.

At the conference, I presented on the contracts extension, which seemed to go down well - hopefully that will start gaining some traction amongst European organisations.

I spent the majority of the sprint working face to face with Marco, Emanuela and the Systopia team on the contracts extension we have been developing for Greenpeace.

Sprints are always good fun and an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from others. This one was especially fun for me personally as I got to spend time with lots of people from the European CiviCRM community that I hadn't had the chance to hang out with before.

Jaap from CiviCoop wrote a good blog post with more pictures in case you want to find out more.