User and developer training

Coming up: CiviCRM training for developers, implementors, users and administrators

27th July 2011

This August 31st and September 1st we are running two CiviCRM trainings: one for developers and implementors and one for users and administrators.

The user and administrator training takes you through everything you can do with the CiviCRM user interface: how to install and configure CiviCRM for daily use at your organisation, and how to get the most out of the core and component functionality.  The developer and implementor training is for people that want to start doing things with Civi that you can't do with out of the box CiviCRM.

Both trainings are suitable for new and experienced users and both trainings are a mixture of structured sessions and presentations, and semi structured sessions that give you an opportunity to work on problems and projects from your own organisation.

Best of all, because we are running these training sessions after CiviCon London (you should sign up to that now if you haven't already because tickets are going fast) and our code sprints, we'll be graced by the presence of 6+ CiviCRM core developers.  Which makes these trainings a fantastic opportunity to learn from and meet the people that write CiviCRM and take your CiviSkills to the next level!

Use the links above to register for these trainings or email/call Michael McAndrew (020 7183 5828) at Third Sector Design if you have any questions and for more info.